What inspired you to adopt a healthier lifestyle?
“A number of factors contributed to me adopting a healthier lifestyle. As with many in my situation, my weight was out of control and I wasn’t feeling like myself. A trip to the ER forced me to see what was really going on with my health. Tests were performed, and the results opened my eyes. I was pre-diabetic, I had prehypertension, my cholesterol was high, and I had bouts with anxiety. Enough was enough. It was at that moment that I realized I had to change my lifestyle.”

Had you tried other things in the past that did or didn’t work for you?  What was it about “this time” that helped you stick with it?
“I had tried several diets that guaranteed quick results, and those worked for the first few weeks. However they were very strict and unrealistic to maintain for long periods of time. These diets were really geared towards people that only needed to lose a couple pounds, not for someone like me that needed to lose nearly 200lbs. So I discovered Weight Watchers and started attending meetings at work. I also participated in several health classes offered by the city, which educated me on how to lose weight in a healthy manner. I surrounded myself with positive people with the same health goals.”

What’s your favorite activity or challenge within the Sonic Boom program?
“Of course the walking challenges. The Holiday Hustle really kept me motivated during the holidays! I was able to lose nearly 12lbs during the 30 day challenge.”

Sonic Boom isn’t only about losing weight, but living an all-around healthier lifestyle.  How has yours improved?
“Living a healthier lifestyle has improved so many aspects of my life. I no longer have pre-diabetes, no longer have prehypertension, all my numbers are in a healthier range, I’m off all medications, and make healthier food choices. Besides becoming physically healthy, I have become mentally healthy!!! I’m able to do things I never thought possible. I challenge myself instead of doubting myself. I’m no longer on the side lines, I’m in the game and enjoying life again!!!”

Is there anything you’d like to say to help inspire other Sonic Boomers?  Any tips, tricks, or motivation?

  • To begin a healthier lifestyle, YOU have to take the first steps!!! Change will only come when you become more committed to your goals and break out of your comfort zone.
  • Make a visit to your doctor, understand your health concerns, make a plan, set small weekly goals, work hard, rest, and REPEAT.
  • Push yourself a little harder each day, but remember to be kind to yourself, make adjustments when needed, and remain positive.
  • I highly recommend using the tools offered through Sonic Boom. Log in and get familiar with the different sections to help keep you on track.
  • I set a daily goal of 10,000 steps per day. I adjust this goal based on how I feel and other personal goals.
  • I set a weekly weight loss goal and weigh in once a week, I use the weight tracker in Sonic Boom to see my progress. Even if I don’t meet my weekly goal, it keeps me aware of my progress and helps me make better decisions.
  • Participate in challenges. I like to say that I am only in competition with myself, as I always try to be better than I was the day or week before.  With that said, a little friendly competition helps keep you motivated and makes things more exciting.
  • Engage with others. Take advantage of Sonic Boom to award points to individuals you see stepping it up.  I know I always feel good when I get awarded points and it feels good to recognize others. It’s a win-win situation.

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