“As soon as the program was up and running I began doing the challenges religiously, I used the tracking feature for numerous goals, and I even joined a few contests. I have found my monthly check-in calls with Katy, my Sonic Boom coach, very useful and that additional accountability has been great. I track my weight using the website as well, which keeps me on top of how I’m doing. To date I have lost 27 pounds and plan to lose at least another 10-12 pounds over the next 4-6 months.

I feel better. My energy level has increased significantly. I sleep better. My knee pain is gone.  I am almost completely off of the blood pressure medicine. The program has been a game-changer for me. I continue to use it.”

We were inspired by the story Steve sent us, so we reached out with a few questions to learn more about his personal journey with Sonic Boom.  Here are his thoughts…


You’ve been using your trackers to great effect, but do you have another part of the program you enjoy that’s helped you stick to your healthy routine?

“Using Coach Katy as a monthly accountability partner has been awesome. We review goals together, talk about strategies and other ways to use the program, and then set goals for the next 30 days. I have found that added “check-in” very motivating.”


You mentioned challenges, too – have you had any favorites in particular, or ones you’ve found effective in maintaining a health-ified routine?

“I don’t know that I can pinpoint a single challenge, although I have especially liked those dealing specifically with nutrition and mindfulness. I like that they are balanced and don’t just focus in one area of wellness. They are comprehensive … a 360-degree approach!!”


You had some concerns with your heart health before starting the program – was that the core motivation behind your quest to get fit?

“I think my core motivation in my quest to get fit was (and is) my family. When I was hiking with my wife at Usery Pass and working with my sons in the yard and getting winded doing things that I had done just a few years earlier with no problem, I knew it was time for me to get serious again about my health.  And it is personally rewarding to have this success and it impacts ALL areas of my being… emotional, spiritual, mental, and more.”


What are your tips for others who are looking to make similar lifestyle improvements?

“Use all the tools available and don’t get discouraged. Take it a day at a time and stick to a plan that includes a good nutrition strategy, exercise and mindfulness.”


As a leader at City of Mesa, has your active involvement in getting fit helped anyone else?

“I would hope so. I have had numerous conversations with coworkers about my efforts – especially about my approach to nutrition, which has focused on mostly plant-based foods with healthy proteins and little to no processed foods. I also cut out almost all sweets and sodas.”


Anything else you’d like to share? Feel free to elaborate on any key aspects of your journey to a healthier lifestyle – especially through Mesa Wellness 360/Sonic Boom.

“I think having an executive team (especially a city manager) that is visionary enough to see the benefits and value of not only the City’s wellness program and partnership with Sonic Boom, but also the City’s Wellness Center, has been key to Mesa’s overall success … and I say Mesa because many city employees have experienced great success in becoming healthier. The City’s long time commitment to onsite testing for breast cancer and prostate cancer as well are an indication of how much our employees’ health matters to management.”


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