What inspired you to adopt a healthier lifestyle?

“I was inspired by SRG caring enough about their employees’ health and wellbeing, as well as my own personal struggles.”

Had you tried other things in the past that didn’t work for you?  What was it about “this time” that stuck for you?

“I had tried many exercise and diet regimens to no avail. The network of the SRG family encouraged me. Seeing their progress in the Sonic Boom app kept me accountable and moving forward, possibly because I can’t turn down a challenge!”

You had a great quote about your experience: “It is not an easy one, but nothing that is worth anything is easy.” How did Sonic Boom make a difficult journey maybe a little “easier” for you?

“Without the inspiration from co-workers in my building, as well as the SRG family that I have never even met from EVERY OTHER BUILDING, I could not have done this. They have all messaged with me and shared stories with me. We all have the ability to inspire and help others, sometimes it just takes that one extra step. SRG STRONG!”

What’s your favorite activity or challenge within the Sonic Boom program?

“My favorite activity is counting steps — but honestly, seeing everyone else’s success and posts is what inspires me most.”

Was weight loss part of your success story? If so, how much did you lose?

“When Sonic Boom launched at SRG in August 2019, I was 223 pounds at my peak. Now, I am down to 160 pounds.”

Sonic Boom isn’t only about losing weight, but also about living an all-around healthier lifestyle. How has your lifestyle improved?

“The benefits from this program have been exponential, from better sleep, to zero snoring, to increased energy, to decreased medication for depression, to less anxiety. My confidence in my body has also increased, which has positively impacted my personal life, as well. I’ve also found the Keto diet helpful for me.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share with Sonic Boom?

“Once you find YOURSELF, whether it be through weight loss, mental health changes, or lifestyle adjustments, you have won. “Success” can be measured in so many ways. Find yours, and you won’t believe the trickle effect it has in every aspect of your life.”