Antonette started working with a Sonic Boom health coach to focus on her mental and emotional health, especially as it related to seasonal depression during the winter months. Talking to a coach each week lifted her spirits, and also helped Antonette go from a mostly sedentary lifestyle to cycling regularly and trying other new fitness activities. Although weight loss wasn’t an initial goal of hers, she’s also lost 37 pounds in the process without “having a diet or gym-rat mentality.” Read more about Antonette’s story below…

What inspired you to adopt a healthier lifestyle? 

“I had a greater awareness of the fact that I’m aging, my body is changing, and I also have a sedentary job and a somewhat sedentary lifestyle.”

Had you tried other things in the past that did or didn’t work for you? 

“Going to the gym on my own and working with a trainer didn’t really work to motivate me beyond the weekly sessions.”

What was it about “this time” that stuck for you? 

“It was a combination of things, starting off with 10K steps per day. Then a friend invited me to go biking with her group, and I didn’t want to let her down. [Sonic Boom coach] Allison and I were about two weeks into coaching around this time. Another thing that made things “stick” was the SBW app and overall program. I was a huge proponent of SBW and coaching very early — even my manager now has a coach.”

What’s your favorite part about the Sonic Boom program? 

“Coaching helps me see other possibilities and perspectives. Allison also gives very practical suggestions around hiking, biking, and movement overall. My calls with Allison have been weekly, which is hugely helpful — I feel her support. From the start, weight loss wasn’t my goal. My intention for coaching was that I wanted to focus on a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, mental/emotional health, and the things that fulfill my life. However, since I started SBW and coaching I have lost about 37 pounds, without having a diet or gym-rat mentality.”

Sonic Boom is not only about losing weight, but also living an all-around healthier lifestyle. How has your lifestyle improved? 

“Generally over the winter, I experience some seasonal depression, but not this year. Having regular coaching has lifted my spirits; I look forward to my weekly calls because I know I will learn something and be supported in my life. As a Program Mentor (I coach students), it’s imperative that I have a coach of my own to help me be my best self for those I serve.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to inspire other Sonic Boomers at WGU? What are some tips, tricks, or motivation that helped you? 

“My biggest advice is to use all of the tools SBW provides. The social aspect isn’t super important to me — it’s fun, but not why I use it. SBW is better than our previous app; I like that it syncs with our devices. Of course, the employer incentive is a huge motivator, too.”

Anything else you’d like to share? Feel free to elaborate on any specifics of your program, if you want.

“My life feels changed. I became an avid cyclist last year, I’ve added 4-5 spin classes per week to my workout routine, and I’ve tried hula hooping class and Kangoo Jumps rebounding shoes. SBW coaching has been a catalyst for these amazing changes in my life.”