Like many, Calvin was initially hesitant about working with a health coach. Do they actually help? However, after working closely with coach Miriam, he soon discovered that wellness is a collaborative effort, and coaching helps elevate many areas of wellbeing. Read more about Calvin’s experience, in his own words:

“My personal journey with my coach, Miriam, has been extremely rewarding so far. Before coaching, I often faced both physical and mental struggles, especially with the pandemic. Coaching was a critical tool to help me overcome difficult challenges and develop healthy habits. If you’re anything like me, I had initial doubts about the effectiveness of coaching. But I quickly realized that having a personal coach is truly life-changing.

My coach dives deep into understanding me as a person, the struggles I face, and the goals I want to accomplish. We do this every week. Then, together, we brainstorm small steps that gradually improve areas of my life. Working with a coach is not easy at first; you need to invest the time and effort, and be honest. But speaking from experience, I promise you that coaching will bring you one step closer to becoming a better you!

For example, I learned how to reduce my stress levels through meditation and yoga, and I added small breaks throughout my day. By setting exercise goals with my coach, I developed a habit of running on a daily basis — something I didn’t do before. Also, I was having a difficult time with all the hate crimes that are so rampant around America. Miriam was an open ear, and she was able to empathize, which helped me cope.

Moving forward, I plan on keeping up my coaching sessions. I want to keep my progress up, and I know coaching will help.”