My success story began more than two years ago. I’ve always been very active and have enjoyed some great accomplishments, including two marathons, two sprint triathlons, four half marathons, and a host of 5K and 10K events.

We do indeed get older, though, which is fine. It beats the alternative! It would seem that our bodies like to remind us of the stress and strain we have put them through over the years. That’s where I found myself; it wasn’t a chronic onset but rather a slow progression of increasing discomfort in my lower back — which led to a complete cessation of activity. It was impossible to enjoy any exercise due to the pain.

Of course, I allowed it to continue without seeking help, thinking I could get better in a few weeks. Wrong! I finally realized it was quite foolish for someone my age to be in pain without seeking medical attention. After about a year of enduring pain for no apparent reason, I got help.

A key piece of my recovery has been working with Sonic Boom Wellness and Coach Miriam. I would be lying if I said I initially signed up for any reason other than the incentive provided through my employer. However, I quickly realized that it was the best decision I ever made. Coach Miriam has been an invaluable resource. She has been my accountability partner, health coach, fitness coach, and a great listener. Throughout my recovery, I have relied on Coach Miriam and Sonic Boom to guide my progress, and I continue to improve, even after all this time. Goal-setting has kept me on track, and the daily challenges have helped me move into new levels of health that I thought I would never enjoy again.

Thank you Sonic Boom and Coach Miriam for being such an indispensable tool, health resource, and all-around friend!

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