“Working with Coach Miriam from Sonic Boom has been an excellent opportunity to learn about my physical and mental health. I’ve struggled with getting my high cholesterol number down for the past seven years. On my own, I’ve tried to exercise and follow a healthy diet, as instructed by my doctor during annual checkups. However, I would always fall off my doctor’s recommendation, and my cholesterol number would increase.

When I learned that my workplace was offering health coaching as a benefit, I hesitated to try it. I told myself that I knew what I need to do. It’s simple: diet and exercise.  However, during a particularly stressful time at work, as well as expecting my first son, I knew that I could use all the help that I could get. I reached out to Sonic Boom, and they paired me with Coach Miriam.

For me, coaching has been about getting the support I need to plan my weeks and hold myself accountable to a healthier lifestyle. We’ve worked with simple things, such as eating oatmeal for breakfast, exercising three times a week, keeping a food log, and meditating. The area where Coach Miriam has been the most helpful is with carving out the time and finding the energy to do all those simple things at once — and being consistent with it. In my best weeks, I can do them all, and in my not-so-great weeks, we plan for a better week ahead.

Sticking with a coach has been like the recommendations from the 401K advisors: in the marketplace, you win in the long run. When I last checked my cholesterol number, it went down by 30 points. I’ve lost weight, 24 pounds to be exact, and some weeks I even meet my ideal weight. I’m conscious about my mental health, which reminds me to work toward an enjoyable and productive state. Consequently, I’m incredibly grateful for my company offering this program and the quality of service from Sonic Boom.”