“Sonic Boom Wellness almost certainly spared my life. I restarted the program in June 2020 by re-syncing my Fitbit, tracking activity, setting goals, and signing up with Coach Mariam. With a renewed motivation to earn Boomer Bucks and to catch on lost time in the program, I navigated the program for opportunity. In time, it brought me back to when I began the program in August 2019.

I had my first ‘Bucks’ incentive: get health screenings. I was prompted to complete several screenings — which admittedly were overdue — after going to my doctors. I cleared all of them, except the last one. They asked, “Can you come in to get your results?” Odd, I thought.

Once I was there, I heard “aggressive form of breast cancer, triple negative.” Then, “It is growing fast.” My main crew quickly switched from the SoCal HDCCo Safety Team to oncologists. Shock doesn’t quite describe how I felt. Fortunately, several months later, the shock was balanced with “I have good news for you,” as my surgeon held up the pathology report in her hand.

I received the all-clear “you are cancer-free” news after two distinct rounds of chemotherapy, three surgeries and 24 sessions of radiation. My oncologist often says that had it spread, which it would have in short order, my story would be quite different. Health screenings were the distinction that saved me.

My Sonic Boom “All in Wellness” restart now includes planning and logging meals, swimming, mountain biking, working with my coach, and, of course, continued monitoring by my oncology crew.

Recently, I visited the Sonic Boom Academy to, of course, earn Bucks. There, I found the course on gratitude. Positive and proactive thankfulness includes being grateful that my company offered us the Sonic Boom program — and that it started with health screenings.”