This entire program has been a smashing success. It has totally changed the atmosphere here at work. On any given day, you will see at least half of our employees (including our CEO and senior management) out walking at the 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. breaks, plus lunchtime. The groups that are gathered are employees from every department, and everyone is laughing and enjoying their time outside. It has been great time of fellowship! The steps leaderboard has also been a great competition and way to stir people toward better wellness. The Challenges-of-the-Day are the topic at the water cooler. Whether it’s exercise- or nutrition-based, or it’s just learning something new, it is the talk of the day. Our employees are also enrolling their spouses, so they have a competition at home in addition to the competition at work. The stellar customer service and overall program are making lives happier and healthier … we love you all!