“Hello – I will gladly sing the praises of this program and Sarah, she was absolutely amazing!  I started this program on February 11th, 2019 – so in March of 2019 I really got into it.  My favorite activity is walking, so I love the steps challenge.  Another favorite is the Sugar Challenge – can’t do it on my own so it’s a great challenge for me!

My life has definitely improved with Sonic Boom!  More energy even in these trying Covid19 virus times – helped me maintain my weight and overall mood improvement.

I was depressed when I began my career – I just had some personal life challenges that were overwhelming me, so the Sonic Boom Wellness program became a focus for me.  Talking to Sarah, she encouraged me – and knowing she was checking in on me kept me motivated to keep striving to feel better and get my personal goals I set with her done.

I would and do tell anyone who will listen to do the coaching – it really helps to set goals and keeps you on track.  The coaching is so motivational, everyone should try it!

My personal health motto is just to keep moving – everyday try a little harder to be a little better.  Simple but effective motto.  And my advice would be if you want to make a change – start small, set goals and give health coaching a try!

I have had a great time with this program and look forward to continuing my journey with Sonic Boom for a long time – Thank you ????”