Kristie found great success while working with one of our Sonic Boom health coaches, Sarah. Her lifestyle improvements positively impacted her family as well. In her own words, Kristie shares what her experience has been like before and after starting the program.

“I have wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle for quite some time. However, due to severe degenerative disc disease in my lower back, trying to walk was a struggle, let alone attempting to exercise. I have tried almost every diet there is, along with lap-band surgery and a gastric bypass. I was never able to maintain the weight loss; it always came back on, plus extra pounds.

I was finally able to schedule back surgery at the end of December 2020. I wanted to be as strong as I could be for the recovery time, so I started swimming. I was able to lose a few pounds before surgery, but I wanted it to last this time.

After my surgery, I had a setback and ended up coding. Medical personnel had to do CPR on me for 5 minutes. I’m so blessed to be here and be able to spend time with my family, and I don’t want to waste that time by just watching their lives go by. I want to be active and a part of their lives, especially with my first grandchild coming in September! I want to be healthy, both for myself and my family.

My favorite part of the Sonic Boom program is my health coach, Sarah. She has been so instrumental in helping me set my goals and keeping them realistic. She is encouraging and always has great tips for me on each call. I also like seeing my goals checked off and my steps documented on the Tracker graph.

I have lost 34 pounds and have gone down two pant sizes since starting with Sonic Boom. I am so much more active, and my family is also more active, which is a huge benefit. Thanks to my back surgery, which was very successful, I am now able to do water weights and swim for 40 minutes in the morning, then walk 2 miles at night. When I go for my evening walk, my family comes with me. Thanks to my goal to eat more vegetables, we’re also eating better, as well as doing more things as a family. My oldest son, who no longer lives at home, told his wife that he hasn’t seen me walk or move like this in years.

I highly encourage anyone who is looking to improve their overall lifestyle to work with a health coach at Sonic Boom, and utilize the goals and contests to better your daily health.”