Despite our best efforts, participation within our previous program was low. We had built a more-or-less “clinical” solution on our own, but it was extremely manual to implement and tough to come up with creative activities that our employees enjoyed doing (and that actually improved their health habits). In just a few short months, Sonic Boom already made a big difference. I’m constantly blown away by the stellar service we receive from our awesome account-management team. They’re highly consultative, and we often adopt the creative ideas they suggest for challenges, communications, promotions, and overall program design. Each month brings new ideas and a fresh approach to boosting engagement. Our Sonic Boom team is in constant contact with us, and they’re quick to resolve any issues that arise, even if it’s just answering a simple question about the platform. Add in the fact that the platform is fun, fully customizable, and easy to use, and I’d say we found the perfect partner for our wellbeing strategy.