“My favorite part of the Sonic Boom program is that it keeps me accountable to myself every single day. My favorite challenge is the steps leaderboard. I love competing on the board with co-workers. The higher I see the numbers go up on my Sonic Boom page for my steps, the more I want to exercise. It’s a constant motivator.

In October of last year, I finally reached the number one position on my company’s leaderboard. I was able to beat the one person who is usually number one every month. It was friendly competition, of course, but it felt great to set a goal and actually make it happen through determination and the will to see the goal ahead of time. Even without the competition, Sonic Boom allows me to set personal goals and reach them.

My lifestyle has changed completely. It was a complete change for me when I started to get serious about weight loss and exercising back in February of 2012. I was offered a Sonic Boom tracker at work when I started at the company. I decided to commit to exercise on a daily basis as well as eating a proper and healthy diet. I began slowly, and I started to see positive results within 2-3 weeks. I began to have more energy, and the weight loss that I was seeing started to give me a major boost of confidence. I increased my exercise from 30-60 minutes of walking a day to eventually being able to walk up to 40,000 steps a day. Morning, afternoon, and evening was my time to challenge myself and get better and better by going further with my walking. I no longer feel sluggish and tired all the time, and I committed to making change in all areas. I now get the proper amount of sleep which is extremely important. Feeling better about myself has given me a new look on things. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Reaching goals every day is the proof…”

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