“My success started with Sonic Boom. I had a treadmill, but it was barely used. When I got my tracker, I began to walk more. When I walked more, I lost weight and felt better. When I felt better, I walked more and began other exercises. When I walked more, I wanted to eat better, so I did. When I walked more, I didn’t want to smoke anymore, so I quit and I lost more weight. When I walked more, I had much more energy, so I did even more. I now work out 1-1½ hours a day. I am in the best shape of my life. I don’t get sick anymore. I feel much younger and I play with the kids at recess now!

At age 56, I’ve lost 48 pounds. I’ve quit smoking and I’m in the best shape of my life. I love being active with my five grandkids – I take them on hikes, snowshoeing adventures, and camping trips that I wouldn’t have even considered five years ago. I plan to continue to use the Sonic Boom program to lose another 10 pounds and achieve a healthier BMI. Oh, and I plan to summit Long’s Peak (14,250 feet – 14 miles – 5,000-foot elevation gain) before I turn 60!”

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