What has been your favorite thing about working with your Sonic Boom coach?

I can commit to doing what I promised to do and be honest about the result.  Also, she’s a great cheerleader and makes it feel comfortable seeking guidance.

What’s changed since starting with Sonic Boom and now?

I can focus on my work and when I get hungry, I can get out of my office and take a lunch break, which created mentally and physically healthier habits.

What were your initial hesitations about utilizing coaching? How did your coach help alleviate those?

I thought I should be able to discipline myself. (I did previously but since I got sick, it was very difficult.) And I thought that I should not depend on others’ help.

In [my coach’s] first session, she observed who I was and [what stage I was in with my wellbeing], and she did not push me to do anything I did not think I was able to do. It surprised me that she was very easy to talk to and was not judgmental at all. During the second session, she asked what I can do or change, and then I started what I could. And when I don’t know how, she suggests the simple, best solution for me. That made a big difference in my work week.

Can you share what some of your goals were going into both the Sonic Boom program and also coaching?

Since I am following the change I made with my coach, I am feeling much better physically and mentally. I am losing some weight and getting back to the healthier daily habit.

What milestones did your coach help you meet and exceed?

I wanted to lose some weight and be healthy. However, the most important thing I discovered was [that my mental health improved]. That is a big win for me.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself thus far using the Sonic Boom program?

Even with stressful work or hours, I can discipline myself and stick with my goal and have productive and happier daily life.

What’s your favorite part about the program, outside of coaching?

Annual dental, eye, or physical exams that I can remind myself to keep. Today, I found out about Sonic Boom Academy, and there are some interesting lessons or articles to read on sleep, etc. When I need a break, these will motivate me to study and learn happier and healthier habits.

What would you tell a colleague who is curious but hesitant to try out the Sonic Boom program?

“Try it!  You will NOT regret it!”

I know we are all so busy and stressed out. But try out Sonic Boom and what the program can offer.

Take a few short breaks and/or use your lunch break, and you will find a happier, healthier you.

Don’t sit in front of your computer monitor, eat, and work!!!!!

[Trying to appear happy when you’re stressed can cause more stress and isn’t mentally healthy at all.] Do something good for yourself, and change your habits one step at a time, and you’ll see a big difference.

Thank you Sonic Boom for this opportunity!  If I did not reach out to this coaching program, I would have been sicker, and I don’t like having an unhealthy body and mind.