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Danna Korn – Co-Founder & CEO, Sonic Boom Wellness

Danna Korn is co-founder and CEO (chief energizing officer) of Sonic Boom Wellness in Carlsbad, CA – a software company specializing in stimulating, innovative corporate wellness programs that improve employees’ daily health habits.

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8 Ways to Build a Business Without Strangling Your Spouse

I could never work with my spouse” is a phrase I hear almost daily, and truth be told, sometimes I think the same thing. But here we are, Bryan and I, for better and worse, running a fast-growing software company together and somehow resisting the urge to strangle each other.

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5 Innovative Employee Benefits Solutions

High-tech wellness company Sonic Boom offers fun and active daily challenges via web-based portals and mobile apps. The program includes activity tracking, social networking, games, competition, and proprietary tools to influence behavior change.

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5 Survival Tips for Entrepreneurs Hitting Rock Bottom

Most entrepreneurs have faced the terror of not knowing if their businesses would make it or not. And many of us have stories of how our dreams and passions were squelched by failure and uncertainty, and how we discovered ourselves at rock bottom. I certainly do.

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Is it Dumb for a CEO to Write a Book?

By Henry DeVries | Forbes Is calling your prospects dummies a good way to attract clients? You bet it is. Danna Korn is co-founder and CEO (Chief Energizing Officer!) of Sonic Boom Wellness in Carlsbad, California – a software company specializing in fun, innovative...

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How to Avoid the 3 P.M. Slump

Is this a familiar scene? It’s after lunch, you still have a few hours left in the workday, but you’re blankly staring at your computer screen, feeling like you need a nap.

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